September 4, 2008

Building a Personal Brand with Blogs and Resumes

A Blog is the new resume and blogging for any marketer is essential.  Clients want to know how you think. They really do-  so now with that trade secret exposed and cast into the wind lets have a look at what makes up the essentials of a good Blog ( Next week: Facebook, LinkedIn–I am there just search for Tony Russell… then there are  ways  that I will show to launch your profile by  using   flickr, YouTube etc)


  • The blog is the new resume.  And that’s not a joke.
  • Starting a personal/professional blog can be your social media resume and sandbox.
  • If you work at a large organization,  ask and they will tell- you’re going to need  some corporate blogging guidelines. There are tons.
  • Remember a Blog is all about the audience  so write content to elicit conversation, not act as the voice of the BIG GUY/WOMAN telling people what’s right and wrong.
  • Once again remember its a conversation- find a  writing voice and editorial style and  stick to it – its your brand.
  • Pick your platform wisely.  “Google juice” is what its all about so choose wisely you don’t want to run into a situation where you’re on one platform (e.g. Blogger) and want to switch to another (e.g. WordPress.
  • The best way to get your blog audience to grow  is to follow the people you want following you. So keep a bookmark folder of your favorites. Study them. They are successful for a reason
  • Make sure you back link to your favorites when you copy their ideas and be honest.
  • Know what’s on your audience’s minds and follow the news and the trends. To grab an audience always try to hook your editorial with the day’s headlines.
  • If you need advice please contact me. I will continue this post theme next week
  • Good luck in building your personal brand.


  1. Hi!
    I found your post a great guideline especially for a newbie like me. I am still searching and not 100% of the direction, or how to produce really valuable content for potential readers. Of course, the ultimate goal is to use this tool for affiliate marketing and earn an income – it is just a question of how going about it in an enthusiastic, non-threatening way and to create real interest in what I have to offer . . . well, what is it that I have to offer?!
    I know what I am not looking for, and that is the amount of repetitive crap that seems to dominate this web/Internet marketing scene… Anyway – I hope I won’t miss your next post.Thanks. Jürgen

    Comment by jurgensno1 — September 4, 2008 @ 10:45 pm

  2. You are welcome Jürgen… still in the process of writing should be up in a few days. Many thanks for the lengthy response. Now the heat is on me to perform 🙂 Let me think about affiliate marketing – that can be a tough one but I have had quite a bit of experience setting up and managing affiliates.. no thoughts right now that will have to come later.
    Once again thanks for the comment. Tony

    Comment by trontr — September 4, 2008 @ 11:20 pm

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