April 2, 2008

Email Campaigns and deliverability

Email Deliverability

All marketers have silver bullets that they pull out when sales plummet. Usually they are e-mail campaigns, refined PPC, SEO tweaks and so on. To often however the favorite weapon in a slowing economy is e-mail campaigns. They are fast and quick.

Be careful of the temptation to do one more spin of the wheel and do yourself a favor and read Josh Aberants articleThe banes of deliverability” in this weeks DMNews

What caught my eye in Josh’s article is that even if you did everything right as he said “by crafting appealing offers, providing relevant content and targeting those most likely to benefit, some of those e-mail messages still won’t get through”

Apart from the need to be clear on what people are opting in for one also needs to be careful of list fatigue and consumers getting peeved off. The distance between driving them to report your e-mail as spam is very low. Josh Aberant reports in his article that “half a percent is a common threshold —ISPs will take action to block your messages or deliver them to the junk folder.”


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