March 31, 2008

Advertisers as Censors

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CBC- Terry O’RiellyI am sure as a brand manager and advertiser you have had that horror moment when your brand spokesperson or positioning wobbled off the tracks. We all know that managing a brand is tough. Its something like herding cats.

As a brand manager there is one show you should absolutely listen to- its Terry O’Reilly show – “The Age of Persuasion”. (That is Terry on the left). This week the show is about censorship. We know it happens. Networks drop TV spots, papers refuse to run an ad. Who is responsible.?  In this weeks show Terry O’Reilly reviews the long relationship between sponsorship and censorship – from early Radio, to Hitchcock’s Psycho, through the more recent woes of radio jock Don Imus. Do advertisers really decide what you should see, hear, or think? And if they don’t – who does?

Terry O’Reilly has had a stellar career and his show is bright, intelligent, dense and convoluted. In other words it gets you thinking. Take the time and listen to this week’s show onAdvertisers as Censors” Terry’s show is compelling as are all his shows . Check them out here at TerryO’Rielly.

I found this weeks show “Advertisers as Censors” good but I disagreed.


Just click on the red headphones and listen

. Once you are done lets debate.

Interesting links:
From Ancient Rome
The Grand Daddy of Film Censorship


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