March 19, 2008

Confident Poets vs Whinning Wall Street

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cofidence1.jpgLast night I was down at my local pub for an open poetry reading. The room was packed with bards, poets, stock broker writers and students by the bushel. There was a buzz in the air and a sense of anticipation. The joint was jumping.The scuttlebutt was that the dame of Canadian poetry Margret Atwood may even attend.

The first up was an earnest young poet. It was a tough gig for her but the audience was supportive and with that her confidence grew and by the end of her poem she was the poet she wanted to be that night. That pattern of support was repeated over and over again. It was a great night of words and collegiality. For a few hours the turmoil of the world was squelched by the glow of confidence inside. That was until I left and headed home and passed a newsstand where the headlines growled”WALL STREET FRETTING-MORE TO COME.”
Talk about creating a self fulfilling prophecy. Take a lesson from the poets. Stand together, support each other and we will capture a new glow of confidence.


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  1. great

    Comment by trontr — March 20, 2008 @ 8:44 pm

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