January 22, 2008

CARE & FAIR – An Initiative Against Child Labour

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Child labor in the the weaving regions of the world is a huge issue. In the USA and Canada we typically charge headlong at the issue like this and while meaning well we can often do harm.

I  registered Care and Fair to fight against illegal child labor in the manufacturing sector of hand knotted carpets. We are passionate about this but we want to be wise in our response.

Situations in third world countries need a measured and thought out response. We think that a buying boycott does not show favorable results in the struggle against child labor. It can very often causes even more misery among the families and specially the children. The reasons are complex in the hand knotted and weaving Industry. Child labor is often not due to child exploitation or hatred but its a deeply structural problem. Families have to all work to put food on the table. Sometimes these are loving situations and there are really no alternatives. We concluded that we have to have a measured response and do something practical that fitted the reality on the ground. Lets not boycott and do more harm lets find a program that works to improve the conditions on the ground. Care and Fair is a practical and realistic organization that works at a fundamental level to work against the exploitation of children by providing education and health care

I like CARE & FAIR because it builds and maintains schools, kindergartens, apprenticeships and hospitals for basic medical treatment in the carpet centers of India, Nepal and Pakistan. Up to now, more than 2,7 million Euro have been donated for this private development aid. is now working with Care and Fair.


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  1. Wow, great to see someone take the right, and responsible approach!!

    Too often in North America, we see child labour through clouded glasses.

    Is it better to have children weave rugs to help support their families vs. crime or prostitution!!

    Great work!

    Comment by Anonymous — January 23, 2008 @ 3:32 pm

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