December 26, 2007

End Of Year Sales & Hand Knotted Persian Rugs

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Today I pushed through the throngs of bargain shoppers into the biggest shopping week of the year. There were many stories of brands scooped and the sense of satisfaction was self evident. It was a classic end of the year sale.

I got so caught up I popped into a major retailer to get some cheaper T shirts . I could have picked up some echo T shirts near my house- I didn’t. . Clearly I am also well trained- I am unfortunately blindly price sensitive!!!. I got sucked into the economic argument. I am a product of our time so I know how hard it is to make the connection between what I buy and real people, the absolute difference between synthetic made and one of a kind chemical free are rugs the environment and justice. Its very tough. Not to mention that sentence is a mouthful. How do we say Rugs that deliver justice to the environment and the people therein ??? (suggestions are welcome)

But I know what is right. In spite of myself in 2008 I am going to ramp up’s organic, pesticide and chemical free purchases. As for Brands, well I will support artists who produce one of a kinds and I will be less price conscious. Or should I say I will work harder to appreciate the value and cost of hand knotted Persian rugs.

In 2008 you can expect linkage between your hank knotted rugs and the individual weavers. I want to make a connection between our unique Persian rugs and the weavers. I want us all to know that that when one buys a hank knotted Persian rug that you are buying a rug that it is unique and that has an artists name attached. Their names range from Mahsa’s, Farida, Aslan, Amir, Alexandra to many many more. Real people. I want to introduce you to the families and the weavers. Like you I want to know there is care and connection between what I consume and real people.

PS I met with a software company that may solve the issue of the connection between the artists of Persian rugs and the product of area rugs and carpets- look for it in 2008.


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