December 22, 2007


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QUESTIONABLE RUGS FROM WALMART- Here is what happened I saw a couple walking away from WalMart with a mass produced machine made area rug. It was also synthetic. Yikes- and they were happy!!!!!!!.
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In my tiny neighborhood coffee establishment they offer FAIR TRADE and ORGANIC COFFEE. Those coffees sell out first. What a change. Two years ago no one noticed but the winds of consumer change were blowing and now justice, environment and labor really matters. Did any one miss GLOBAL WARMING ??

As a rug lover I am deeply encouraged that the rug industry is taking note. We have to its the right thing. The Rugmark Foundation is a wonderful international nonprofit organization that is working to end exploitive child labor practices in the carpet and rug industry and give educational opportunities to children in India, Nepal and Pakistan. I was amazed to learn that sales of child-labor-free rugs have increased by nearly 30% per year since 2004, out pacing the overall U.S. rug industry sales.

The good news is dozens of rug importers and retailers are joining the struggle and RugMark’s membership has grown exponentially. is a RugMark supporter. The winds of change are blowing and I welcome it.
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