December 15, 2007


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I am fascinated by what it takes to be an artist and a craft entrepreneur.Its so honest and so different from Machine made rugs that are soulless duplicates. Comparing broadloom and machine rugs is crazy. I am not going to compare hand knotted rugs with machine made rugs. I support the artists. I want to put back “soul” into a world that has lost its sight and cannot tell the difference between a synthetic rug that is chemical laden and a chemical free rug and an organic rug. We are crazy. Is it because we are slaves to consumerism?
While you think about that.

Take the USA and the struggle for liberty. Some of the most beautiful arts and music of struggle of people for liberty and worth came out of the US. There are many examples but think of the singing in the cotton fields when slaves were working today is called “call and response.” A leader would sing out, or call, a line of a song then the other workers would respond. The process set up a rhythm to work by.

Artistic expression and shared voice are critical elements of liberty. No joke.

I see that in the tribal area rugs of Iran. I can hear the call and response in the rugs and the weavers song. One works another responds and in the warp and weave of the ares rugs is the story most of us miss on CNN etc. More of that next week. Till then keep your eyes open and enjoy the music of craft, art and hand knotted rugs. They tell a story worth listening to.
PS I hope to share a CNN video about who the weavers are – just waiting for clearance.


Jazz Area Rugs and call and response

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A little about call and response in area rugs and jazz. When the tribal weavers work they work in groups for months. The harmony you see in the designs speaks volumes about the spirit of the ensemble. Months later they have created an artistic area rug and its beautiful. Listen carefully when you read a rug. Correct me if I am wrong but what I see is an art piece of love and harmony. Doesn’t that remind you of jazz?. I think a tribal Gabbeh has all the hallmarks of a Jazz score in cloth. Its all call and response
Look at the Gabbeh and listen to the stunning example of call and response at work in jazz from the late great B.B King. Imagine the weavers as you listen to the giants of jazz and soon you to will read area rugs very differently.
I guarantee it. When you watch the video keep your ear tuned to the ” call and response” a hugely democratic process. One player passes off to another-B.B to Clapton and be ads his interpretation and on it goes. Its art/jazz/humanity in action. Thats how I read tribal rug creativity.

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