December 8, 2007


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Broadloom and the average machine made rug are a disaster and are so environmentally unfriendly. For Gods sake who misses that point Poly something in a rug is disastrous. Chemicals in carpets and area rugs are bad for you and its bad for mother earth.
Get real _ cotton or wool_ and better yet organic. ore likely the culprit causing your family’s discomfort can be directly traced back to the chemicals used to make your beautiful area rug. Area rugs and carpets that are manufactured and chemically treated before shipping to stores, can emit chemicals into the surrounding air. Sometimes called out-gases. The fibers from area rugs and new carpeting are often treated with certain chemicals can be toxic to children, pets, and others with sensitivities. When it comes to carpeting, there are several chemicals to be on the lookout for, but the major one is used in the manufacturing of area rugs and carpeting is: formaldehyde.
Its a witches brew so what I cannot figure out is why consumers so quickly buy area rugs that are toxic. Buy a Persian rug that uses natural wool and vegetable dyes.
Google Research
Chemicals in carpets


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  1. Interesting insight.
    here are some facts about machine made and synthetic carpeting rugs that is not talked about much.

    1. Every year approximately 4 billion pounds of carpet are disposed in the US.
    Persian Rugs are heirloom quality rugs and they increase in value as they age and are handed down generation to generation rather than discarded.

    2. New carpet can be a source of chemical emissions responsible for a variety of symptoms such as eye, nose throat irritation, headaches, and shortness of breath. This can be especially dangerous for newborns and the elderly.
    Persian Rug are made of natural wool and are non-toxic and purify indoor air of common contaminants like formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide by locking the contaminants deep in the core of the fiber. Wool carpets continually purify indoor air for up to 30 years.

    3. synthetic Carpets can be linked to a number of respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies; this is attributable to, in part, mold, mildew spores, pet hair, and dander, out-gassing from synthetic fibers.
    Persian Rug are hand-knotted rugs are non-allergenic and will not support bacterial growth.

    4. Synthetic fibers used for machiner made carpets tend to melt rather than flame therefore leading to severe burns if skin contact is made as well as polluting the air with its chemicals emissions.
    Persian Rug are naturally flame resistant these wool rugs have a high moisture and protein content making them difficult to ignite initially and self-extinguishing once the flame source has been removed.

    5. There are no benefits to synthetic carpets and their ability to heat or cool a room.
    Persian Rug has is a natural source for sound proofing, used often in apartments and recording studios. It can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water vapor without feeling wet and than release or retain this moisture keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

    Comment by eco-lover — December 16, 2007 @ 11:06 am

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